Protecting the public’s channels


The problem

AT&T violates Illinois law by failing to deliver basic functionality for public, educational and government (PEG) access channels on U-verse.

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Where's my channel?

The AT&T program guide lists hundreds of channels, but no local PEG channels.

That ignores viewers and the law.

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Why can't I find it?

PEG channels are hidden, and viewers must go through multiple steps to find them.

This is TV folks. It shouldn't be this hard!


What does the law say?

AT&T has continued to single out the public – and break the law – for far too long.

The state must act to protect the public.

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What we're about

KUC protects the public's interest

KUC Coalition members are advocates for equal treatment of PEG access — the public's local, noncommercial channels on Illinois cable and video systems.

Watch the video about how AT&T is singling out the public and breaking the law.


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