Protecting the public’s channels


Keep Us Connected (KUC) protects the public's interest in Illinois state video franchise law

Equal access to public channels is guaranteed by law. Many thousands of Illinois viewers depend on local public, educational and government (PEG) channels to stay in touch with their communities. These channels provide health, jobs, public safety, civic, arts and educational information.

The Keep Us Connected Coalition is a group of Illinois nonprofit organizations, municipalities, educational institutions, and PEG access stations committed to protecting public channels and public interest in Illinois telecommunications legislation.

AT&T has relegated the public’s channels to a system that is inferior to other channels in every way that matters to a viewer. This video demonstrates how U-verse customers viewing PEG channels are deprived of basic functions any customer expects, such as:

  • Channel surfing? No can do.
  • Recording a program while away? Sorry.
  • Finding a local event in the program guide? Not possible.
  • Discriminatory? You bet.

For the public’s rights to be restored, the law must be upheld and enforced.

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