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PEG Access Local Example for FCC

December 21, 2009

On December 21, 2009, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski heard testimony from small business owners, city officials, and content providers at the FCC's Broadband Field Hearing held in Chicago as part of the development of a National Broadband Plan.

Panelist Gordon Quinn, Artistic Director of Chicago-based Kartemquin Films, called for increased regulation to ensure universal service, accessibility, and the neutral availability of content across networks. Quinn also stressed the importance of public access TV, stating: "In thinking about how broadband should roll out, we should look at some of the lessons learned from public access."
Quinn talked about the widespread community support for the formation of public access TV in Chicago in the late 70's and warned against actions that undercut it, such as placement of community based content in an inaccessible tier of service.
Chairman Genachowski acknowledged the helpful input from panelists who noted the importance of content, the importance of training and adoption, learning lessons from history, understanding challenges of the disabled, and reaching rural communities as an essential part of the market.
Testimony of Gordon Quinn
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