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Rep. Serrano Holds FCC to Task - Says Protect the Public

June 10, 2010

Communications Daily (6.10.10) reports on this week's Appropriations Subcommittee hearing in which Chair Jose Serrano (D-NY) confronts the FCC's failure to resolve AT&T's discriminatory treatment of public channels: "Despite many petitions and comments in the record" about issues plaguing PEG channels, "the FCC has failed to fix the problem," said Serrano. And the FCC's broadband plan made no mention of PEG channels, he said. "This has to be dealt with fairly and strongly, otherwise we're going to have some very difficult times between this subcommittee and the FCC." Genachowski said a PEG dispute involving Comcast had been settled, but the commission would "make sure" another dispute involving AT&T "is on the track to resolution." The FCC plans to "honor the statute here and take this very seriously and make sure PEG isn't left behind." Genachowski should "make actionable his response that the Commission has the authority to protect and preserve PEG and his pledge to enforce the Cable Act by granting the [Alliance] petition challenging the statutory compliance of AT&T's Channel 99 'PEG solution,'" said Debra Rogers, president of the Alliance for Community Media. The National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors believes "the most prudent way for the FCC to follow through on Chairman Genachowski's promise would be to grant [the Alliance's] petition challenging AT&T's 'Channel 99' maze of menus," said NATOA Acting Executive Director Tonya Rideout.

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