Protecting the public’s channels

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Survey Points Out U-verse Flaws

February 4, 2013

Illinois NATOA recently responded to the controversy surrounding AT&T’s treatment of public, educational and government (PEG) channels with a survey of its members.

In a press release, Illinois NATOA notes that PEG access channels “have been treated in a subpar and discriminatory manner in violation of the Illinois Cable and Video Competition Law of 2007.”

Responding members from 40 different communities noted complaints from local residents in three key areas: the inability to find PEG channels, difficulty surfing between channels, and the inability to record PEG channels.

Howard Kleinstein, Illinois NATOA president, said, “We fully intend to continue collecting these results and to provide them to the Illinois Attorney General. We look forward to Attorney General Madigan enforcing the law to prevent AT&T from degrading the public’s channels in the way it does today.”

Read more about the survey on the Illinois NATOA website.