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AT&T Offers Closed Captioning on PEG but Only on Request

November 17, 2009

The New Haven Register reports that AT&T is planning to reverse its attempt to place CT-N, Connecticut's public affairs channel, on Channel 99, a program application that is widely known to be inferior to commercial channel carriage. A public stand off has been underway for over 1.5 years since Connecticut state law passed, resulting in AT&T's entry into the market and subsequent removal of PEG channels from its standard channel line-up.  The Register reports that Paul Giguere, president and chief executive officer of CT-N said including CT-N on Channel 99 "would be a disaster."
AT&T apparently agrees, as AT&T and CT-N seem poised to reach agreement that AT&T will provide CT-N its own designated channel without the deficiences that exist for all PEG channels placed on Channel 99. According to the New Haven Register, AT&T's spokesman, Chuck Coursey, said "We very much want to make CT-N part of our programming package."
PEG channels in Illinois that have been relegated to AT&T's substandard Channel 99 format are treated as an application, not as fully functioning channels.  Under Illinois' 2007 Cable and Video Competition Law, all of Illinois' PEG channels are entitled to the same treatment as CT-N in Connecticut.