Protecting the public’s channels


Study Shows Public's Cable Channels at Greatest Risk

A nationwide study by the Alliance for Communications Democracy (ACD) and the Benton Foundation of public, educational and government (PEG) Access showing that public access cable channels have been the hardest hit by a wave of funding cuts and closures across the country in recent years. The primary causes are new state franchising laws and decisions of local governments. Read more

Cable Subscribers Expect Equal Treatment for Public Channels

Recent survey results show that over 85% of Chicago cable subscribers say it's important that community channels are easy to find and record. Read more

Viewing Trends Point to Inadequacy of AT&T's PEG Product

AT&T subscribers can't record local community programming or view PEG channels in HD. Read more

Illinois NATOA Report Refutes AT&T Technical Excuse

This independent engineering report finds no technical reason for AT&T's discriminatory treatment of PEG. Read more